A current client of ours had asked us to clean a premises they were currently vacating. We were asked to clean the walls, floors, cladding, a small office / operations office located in the warehouse, dock levellers as well an ablutions area for both male and female staff. 
We began by clearing the warehouse corners with the Kärcher 9/25 C pressure washers. Removing all excess dirt and grime build up from the face brick walls, warehouse door railings and bumper guards and bollards. Next we began from the eastern side of the warehouse moving westerly. After years and years of tautliner, hysters, foot traffic and pallets being stacked in the warehouse, the food grade product that had been stored in there had grown hard and was extremely difficult to remove. After a first pass over the warehouse floor area, we did a second run to remove any residue that may have been left over and lastly used an acid based chemical from Kärcher along with our B150 ride-on scrubber from Kärcher we gave the floor a final polish to give it back that shine it originally had. 
The client was pleased with the result and another job well done.