The same client that was vacating 116 Leicestershire Road was also vacating 1360 South Road to consolidate their warehousing facilities to a larger property. 
They had requested that the office component, external high level windows, warehouse internal floor area, as well as the internal cladding to eave height and the external cladding in the loading/offloading bay. The same food grade product had been accumulated over time and again had become a solid build up that was difficult to remove. The same methodology was used as what we had done at 116 Leicestershire Road. We went over once with the same Kärcher 9/25 C pressure washers which have an out put pressure of 250/300 bar.
This loosened up any surface debris that allowed us to see exactly what was required on the floor in order to get it back to its original state. Once we had removed the first layer of dirt and grime from the floor, we saw that there were spots of concern around the warehouse where the food grade product had built up over time and with the hysters continuously driving over it, the product had in turn become one with the floor. We went over the floor a second time with the pressure washers and found that it was starting to remove the build up and cleared the floor of the grime and the results were amazing. 
With the office component, internal office windows and ablutions, we had several of our experienced staff members tackle it and within a day, the entirety of the office was completed. The high level external windows we used Unger telescopic window cleaning equipment which uses a purification system that does not leave streaks or residue on the window once it has dried. 
After several days on site, the site was returned back to its original state just in time for the next tenant to take occupation of the property.