A 556sqm painted corrugated sheet roof needed to be cleaned and cleared of moss build-up, algae and 5 years worth of exposure to the elements in order for the owner to decide whether or not he should repaint the roof or do a yearly clean of his roof.

A single-phase diesel heated element pressure washer was used at a heat of 90 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 140 bars to remove stubborn dirt, grime and algae. Paired with a 230 bar Petrol powered pressure washer to remove the more stubborn areas and allowed us to have a clear indication as to the state of the roof. The spores from the moss and algae had engrained themselves within the corrugated sheeting due to being left for 5 years and unfortunately the owner of the property may need to replace certain sections of the roof.

All the exposed trusses, crossbeams, gutters and downpipes were pressure hosed to remove any algae and moss that had been growing over the past 5 years. The downpipes were jetted with a pipe cleaning rubberised hose with a 4 nozzle backwards-facing exit to clean and clear the inside of all the downpipes. This will allow easy flow of the rainwater during the rainy season, whilst giving the owner the reassurance that all the downpipes around the main house and guest house were in optimal functioning order. The gutters themselves were cleared of dirt build-up, plants that had started to grow and algae to also allow for optimal flow of the rainwater. They were then pressure hosed using the 230 bar petrol-powered machine to clear all grime build-up and to allow for a clearer more aesthetic look.

Overall the owner was happy with the outcome and recommended we advertise this service further.